TerriBarn & Horse Assistant, Horse Leader

Year started at GMTRC: 2003

Other employment information: I worked at Murray Securus, an insurance agency. Now, I work at Beneficial Insurance Services LLC.

Where did you grow up (city/state): Brownstown, PA

Education: Conestoga Valley High School

Name of horse(s) you currently own or favorite Greystone Horse: I own the Queen of the Palace – AKA Lacey

What do you like best about working at Greystone? There are so many things about GMTRC but my most favorite thing is walking in first thing in the morning, turning on the lights and being greeted by all the whinnies from the horses which are so happy to se you but it’s so they can be fed! It is the smiles and excitement from our riders as they face their own individual goals and see them work so hard with the help of their favorite horse or pony and team to reach that goal.

A few interesting facts about yourself: If not at the barn over the summer, you will find me at the beach swimming in the ocean or reading a book. I love to ride my mountain bike on trails, taking Dakota (my chow) for walks or rides in my car and just hanging out with friends. My favorite color is purple (bet that is a big surprise).

Family: I have a younger brother Lonnie and my mom Sarah and dad Gene live in Brownstown.