Do you have a horse or pony that you would like to donate, sell or free lease to GMTRC?

We have 25 acres of lush green pasture, a modified dry lot, indoor arena and outdoor arena along with 14 12’x14’6” stalls. Our horses are turned out during the day and brought into their stalls in the evenings with hay, water and specialized feed or meds as each horse needs. We have an amazing team of barn staff consisting of an AM barn manager, evening and weekend barn assistants, and multiple volunteers who are well trained and provide diligent care to our herd. We also maintain a weekly schooling riding program to meet the fitness and mental health needs of the herd, along with consulting with various local equine professionals to ensure we are continually learning under saddle and on the ground.  Our horses enjoy the peaceful Lancaster County life here at Greystone Manor TRC!

Below are some details and requirements along with photos of our facility and grounds. Please review those details and then fill out the Equine Initial Contact Form to provide us with more information about your equine. Submit it to the email address below and one of our team members will contact you!

Thank you for thinking of us!


  • Aged 10 to 18
  • Maximum 16hh
  • No history of navicular disease or current lameness issues
  • No green horses
  • Mild temperament with a history of work suitable for therapeutic riding lessons
  • Healthy overall and sound at walk, trot, and canter (TR riders only walk and trot, but we have trained riders canter in schooling to keep our horses fit)
  • Kind personality, enjoys people, and “bombproof”
  • Responsive under saddle, but gentle and beginner safe
  • No spook, buck, or bite
  • Can be handled by a variety of people
  • Good ground manners

Free Lease Program:

This is often a great option for equine owners who wish to maintain ownership of their equine but would like them to have a job!

  • Owner maintains ownership of the equine
  • GMTRC boards the equine on their property to use in their therapeutic riding lesson program
  • GMTRC covers expenses related to board, routine vet care and farrier care
  • Non-routine vet calls are covered up to $500 per year
  • Communication is maintained between GMTRC staff and the equine owner regarding vet care and the equine’s performance in the lesson program
  • Equine owners are invited to visit the equine at special events and by appointment!
  • Six weeks notice is required between the equine owner and GMTRC for a change in this agreement.


Download the Equine Initial Contact Form Here: Download

Please send completed form to: Steph Fleck at [email protected]

If you would like additional facility information, equine care and use practices, etc.; they can be found at the following EQUUS Foundation link: