Our Wish List and Legacy Fence Information



Support Greystone Manor TRC

  • Monetary Donations – Visit our donate page for a PayPal link. Or, your tax deductible monetary donation may be sent to PO Box 10724, Lancaster, PA 17605-0724. Contributions may be for specific purposes or simply as a gift to the operating fund.
  • Horse Adoptions – We need caring people or organizations to “adopt” each of our special horses through a donation to support their care and feeding costs.
  • Horse Show and Gala Organizers – Volunteers for Horse Show and Gala Planning committees, especially advertising sales, are always needed.
  • Postage – Current one-ounce and two-ounce postage stamps are needed for mailings to riders, volunteers and others.
  • Office Supplies – We use lots of printer/copy paper and ink cartridges and would happily accept gift cards to Staples for their purchase.
  • Printing Costs – If you have a source or can donate funds to cover the printing expenses for GMTRC brochures, flyers, and rider forms, please contact us!
  • Smartpak and Dover Saddlery Gift Cards – We frequently order items from Smartpak and occasionally from Dover Saddlery, so gift cards for these tack supply stores are always appreciated!
  • Tree Services – Many of the trees on our property are old and need to be taken down. We also need new trees planted along our “trails” to provide shade to our horses and riders during lessons. If you have a source to complete these services or can provide funds for this project, please contact us!
  • Snacks – We are always in need of snacks that are individually wrapped and shelf-stable which we can provide to our volunteers. Popular items include snack bars, personal bags of chips, fruit snacks, etc.
  • Cases of Bottled Water – We use bottled water to provide our volunteers and riders with hydration while they are at the barn!
  • Fly Spray and Hoof Dressing – We regularly go through gallon jugs of Farnam Bronco E Fly Spray and Fiebing’s Hoof Dressing and would be very happy to have a generous donor re-stock our supply.
  • Helmets – We are often in need of new ASTM/SEI certified riding helmets in various sizes for use by our participants. Our helmets must be replaced every 5 years so we routinely rotate our current helmets for new ones. Unfortunately, we cannot accept used helmets as we are unable to use them in our programs and tack shops will not typically consign used helmets due to safety regulations.
  • Run-In Sheds – We are in need of run-in sheds in our pastures to help shelter our horses during inclement weather. If you would be willing and able to build or purchase these for us our horses would surely thank you!


Items do not need to be brand new, however they need to be in good condition for us to use them in our program. We will also gladly accept any donated used items – even if they may not be in the best condition, are not listed below, or are of a different discipline such as Western – which we can either utilize or consign for funds toward the purchase of tack or other needed items. (Monetary donations toward the purchase of tack are also welcome, please contact our Administrative Assistant if you would like to donate funds for a specific item.)

*Please contact our Programs and Instruction Coordinator for details on quantity, sizing, type, and/or style of needed items below.

  • Saddles – We are in need of quality English saddles for our program. We use a number of styles based on our horses’ and riders’ needs.
  • Bridles – We need new bridles for our program, as many of our current set are made of older-style thick leather which is no longer very pliable. We typically utilize English combination halter-bridles.
  • Saddle Pads – We use various types of correction pads and English saddle pads and are in need of a few specific types.
  • Bits – We need specific English bits for a few of our horses.
  • Girths – We utilize various English style girths and are in need of a few specific sizes and styles.
  • Reins – We use leather laced reins with trigger snaps on all of our bridles and are in need of a few pairs in specific lengths. We also need various types of adaptive reins, such as rainbow reins, which help our riders succeed in learning to ride.

Monetary & Creative Giving

  • Legacy Fence Project – For $100 you can purchase a section of our legacy fence and have a plaque installed with a personal inscription. See below for form.
  • Sponsor a rider – You can sponsor a rider who is in need of financial assistance so that they can participate in this valuable program.
  • Sponsor a special event – There are many other opportunities to sponsor special events— from our annual horse show and banquet to fundraising events.
  • United Way – You can direct your United Way giving to Greystone Manor TRC. Simply write in Greystone Manor Therapeutic Riding Center on your election form.
  • Hold a workplace fundraising event – If your workplace holds fundraising events, nominate Greystone Manor TRC as a recipient. If your workplace does not hold charity fundraisers, check with management to see if they would support such an event.
  • Matching corporate gift – Inquire with your employer to see if they have a matching corporate gift program that would benefit Greystone Manor TRC. Some employers also offer employees the opportunity perform volunteer work for a specific number of hours in return for a donation to the non-profit organization of your choice.
  • Donate a horse – Greystone Manor TRC is always looking for horses that have the special qualities needed for a therapy horse. Soundness and a forgiving and quiet temperament are a must. Please contact the program if you know of a suitable horse for donation.
  • Bequests, Memoriams – Remember Greystone Manor TRC in your last will and testament or as a memoriam. Either way, any funds received will help our program to continue its work.

If you can assist with any of these items, please contact us!

Legacy Fence

Download the Legacy Fence Form  –  Download