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The Benefits of Riding

Therapeutic riding has many benefits which touch different areas of the lives of the riders including physical, psychological, emotional and social. Each rider’s goals are individualized to best suit their needs and interests.

Physically the horse’s walk moves the rider’s body gently and rhythmically, simulating a human walk without requiring weight bearing. Horseback riding improves balance, strength, and coordination and is a great motivator to work on muscle strength, control, and range of motion.

Psychologically and emotionally the animal-human bond is strong and can assist riders in forming interpersonal relationships. Riding increases feelings of self-confidence and self-worth.

Socially there are many opportunities to form friendships with other riders, staff and volunteers. Therapeutic riding is an appropriate recreational activity that benefits people in many ways in addition to being fun!

This is why we do what we do!!!!!

Therapeutic Riding may help in these ways:


  • Improved coordination and muscle tone
  • Relaxation of spastic muscles
  • Improved posture, sitting, and standing
  • Improved gross and fine motor skills
  • Increased range of motion/muscular strength
  • Improved perceptual/sensory motor integration
  • Improved cardiovascular function and stamina


  • Increased vocabulary – application and recall
  • Improved attention and concentration
  • Improved sequencing and planning skills
  • Improved judgment and critical thinking skills
  • Improved flexibility in thinking
  • Increased verbal Integration and participation
  • Increased visual and auditory discrimination


  • Increased self confidence, self esteem, and self control
  • Mastery of a difficult task
  • Increased understanding of consequences/cause and effect
  • Increased desire or responsibility
  • Improved positive social interactions and teamwork
  • Interaction with positive role models
  • Experience success in a supportive environment
  • Increased empathy and sense of empowerment
  • Increased desire to take risks
  • Increased ability to act independently

Results parents see:

“I was so proud when I won my first ribbon. I got to do something that was all my own.” -GMTRC Rider

The gains parents see in their children as a result of riding with Greystone Manor TRC include:

  • Confidence

  • Increased language

  • Relationship with a horse

  • Ease in speaking to adults

  • Follow directions

  • Knowledge about horses

  • Able to focus for a longer time

  • Increased social skills

  • Independence

  • Patience

  • Balance

  • Trunk control

  • Improved posture

  • Improved muscle tone