Year started at GMTRC: 2023

Instructor Certification(s) and date(s) earned: CTRI through PATH International Sep 2023

Total number of years instructing therapeutic riding: 6 months teaching lessons as an instructor in training, 1 week instructing as a certified instructor

What did you grow up (city/state): Lancaster, PA

Education: Graduated from Liberty University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology

Name of horse(s) you own and/or ride on a regular basis: I take hunter jumper lessons at Brownhill Stables and usually ride Doc, Wrangler, Zelma or Bobby. All very sweet horses with distinct personalities.

What do you like best about teaching therapeutic riding and what does it mean to you? My favorite thing about teaching lessons is seeing the pride students have in themselves when they accomplish a skill they have been working on. I love watching my students grow in confidence both on and off the horse. I have the privilege to be a part of my students riding journey as they grow in their riding skills and gain an invaluable connection with their horse.