Harry”  Mr. Harry’s Fatal Hobby

Stats: 2005 double registered Paint-Quarter Horse gelding, lovingly sold to GMTRC in 2017 by Elizabeth May and her family, including four adoring young daughters.

Special talent:  Making friends!  Harry has never met a stranger.  He seems to converse with everyone he encounters, human or equine, through nickers, whinnies, and eager greetings at his stall door.

Program strengths:  At 16hh, Harry carries GMTRC participants of all sizes.  His big balanced walk and smooth trot provide excellent therapeutic movement and core development for his riders.  Harry’s calm, gentle nature is well suited to developing strong horse-human relationships.

Maybelline Eyes:   Harry’s Tovero Paint markings include what looks like black eyeliner around his eyes and  “medicine hat” coloring over his ears and face.  Isn’t he handsome in his “guyliner”?  Maybe he could be the understudy for Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow or Pharrell.?  Our Happy, Harry!


Published:August 27, 2017

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