Year started at GMTRC: In 2015, I started the process to work at GMTRC, but instead was blessed with a baby boy. After being contacted by GMTRC, in 2020, fate has brought us together for my debut in February 2020!          

Other employment information: I have worked mostly in the equine and service industries.  Including horse farm manager, riding instructor (equitation, hunter, jumper, eventing), horse trainer and in the restaurant industry as a server.

Where did you grow up (city/state): I grew up in Essex, MD.  Spending my youth in both the eastern and western shores of Maryland. Also lived in VA, CA, and PA.

Education: College started in 2001 at Virginia Tech University (Equine studies and pre-vet) and finished with my B.S. in Animal Biotechnology & Conservation from Delaware Valley College in 2009

Other Therapeutic riding experience: I am a registered Path International Therapeutic Riding Instructor as of 2012.  My experience includes learning and teaching at Project R.I.D.E in Sacromento, CA, learning & teaching Horses for Healing in Auburn, Ca, and learning at Leg Up farm in Wolf, PA.

Favorite Greystone Horse or horse in your past: All of the horses here are amazing!  They are patient, kind, silly, smart, and will be whatever you need them to be.  But Peppy makes me smile.

What do you like best about working at Greystone?  Seeing the connection made with horse and rider and how that relationship helps blossom a person, as well as seeing how a horse will tailor itself according to their human is something I apricate at Greystone. Greystone is a fantastic riding center that helps to foster the human-horse relationship by its wonderful horses, caring staff, and dedicated volunteers. GMTRC is a warm, welcoming facility even when it is cold outside.

A few interesting facts about yourself: I enjoy being outside in all seasons, weather its with horses, hiking, swimming, skiing, or just soaking up the sunshine.

Family: I live in Lancaster, PA with lovely husband, Justin, our daughter, Juniper, our two sons, Francis and Thadeus, and our dog Walter.  We enjoy doing most everything together, especially adventures, and cooking!