Instructor Certification(s) and date(s) earned: CECTH (2017 PQI, Master Level 2021), PATH International (2018 CTRI)

Year started at GMTRC: 2021

Other TRC work: I currently also spend 3 days a week teaching both therapeutic and recreational horsemanship/riding lessons at Walnut Grove Farms in Dover, PA and I absolutely love it! I am excited to be spending time at both places, expanding my knowledge and learning different ways to run a program. Previously, I have worked at Leg Up Farm in Mt. Wolf, PA from 2016-2019, which is where

I started my career full time in this industry. I genuinely have the best job ever!

Where did you grow up (city/state): Paradise, PA

Education: I graduated from York College of Pennsylvania in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis on Human Services and a minor in Applied Youth Development.

Name of horse(s) you own and/or ride on a regular basis: I have 3 horses on our family farm named Dublin, Clover, & Sienna. Dublin is my heart horse whom I’ve had for about 12 years. Clover is a retired therapy pony who is always up for a good trail ride. Sienna is a sweet 28 year old mare who is simply living her best life.

What do you like best about teaching therapeutic riding and what does it mean to you? My most favorite thing about teaching is seeing my students being genuinely proud of themselves for what they have accomplished through hard work and dedication. Some of my students I have had the honor of working with every week for multiple years – my heart swells with joy remembering where they started to where they are at currently, and then also knowing that there is still so much more to come. I am so excited to see what my students will be doing in the future, and I am blessed to have a front row seat of all the wonderful things each rider have and will accomplish with their equine friends.

A few interesting facts about yourself: I grew up and currently live on a sheep farm – every year we have between 60-80 lambs! In my free time, I enjoy trail riding with friends and doing a good bit of bareback riding.

Family: My parents still own our family farm. I also have a twin brother (who is recently married) and a younger sister. Can I count all of my horses, sheep, and dogs as family, too?

Anything else you would like to share: I am very excited for this new opportunity to join the team at Greystone Manor. If you see me at the barn, please don’t hesitate to come say hi and introduce yourself – I would love to meet you!