Barn Assistant

Year started at GMTRC: 2017

Other employment information: 32 years at LGH as a Medical Technologist, ASCP and then System Administrator for Lab computer system (Soft) – retired May 2017.  Also spent 2 yrs in Tampa FL area as Medical Technologist, 2002-2004.

Where did you grow up (city/state): York, PA

Education: Red Lion HS, Penn State – 3 yrs, Auburn University – 2 B.S.: ’78 and ’82; MT Internship at LGH ’82.

Name of horse(s) you currently own or favorite Greystone Horse: Lucy & Sampson – they remind me of some of our own horses in the past, Trudy and Smokey.

Explain in detail what you like best about working at Greystone? Getting to smell like the ‘good side’ of horses again while working with all the ‘boys and girls’.

A few interesting facts about yourself: Rode horses all summer at Camp Cann-edi-on in north York Co., until we bought our first horse when I was 13.  Lived on a farm in Felton PA and was a Pony Clubber with Old Rose Tree PC, starting at age 14.  We had up to 10 horses, either our own or boarders, on the farm and I was the primary caretaker of them.  I also gave limited private lessons at that time.

I also ride bicycle (a lot, in the summer), snow ski, & babysit my granddaughter, with a grandson on the way, and run work errands for my husband.

Family: Husband – Roger; Daughter – Rebecca in Atlanta; Son – Read in Manheim with his wife Brittany, granddaughter Avery; stepdaughter Morgan in Alexandria and her husband Rob; stepson Derek in Lancaster; 2 cats, Cali and K.C.