Bobbie Sue

Barn Assistant (PHOTO Coming Soon!)

Year started at GMTRC: Started in March of 2017

Other employment information: only job, while going for Masters

Where did you grow up (city/state):  Lancaster County PA

Education: Bachelors in Childhood Psychology.  Currently going for masters in Counseling.

Name of horse(s) you currently own: 23-year-old appendix quarter horse mare named Pretty.  16-year-old Arabian named Zip

Explain in detail what you like best about working at Greystone? Everything

A few interesting facts about yourself: Been on the back of a horse since 2 weeks of age.  Grew up competing in Rodeo.  Went to college on a Rodeo scholarship.  Has competed in Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

Family: Newlywed


Published:April 16, 2017

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