Our Amazing Horses

Greystone Manor TRC’s horses are special and have the ability to help improve the quality of life for participants in our programs. Our equine partners are selected for their calm, quiet disposition, and for their patience.

Currently in Service



Hay Bale

Stats: 2003 Haflinger Cross gelding, owned by GMTRC, gift of Ray and Lisa Shirk

Special talent: Dash and dine. A naturally full physique causes his caretakers to keep him on a diet, so he’s always in a rush to gobble hay and feed.

Program strengths: Bailey’s wide back, round belly, and active front to back movement provide a stable base for core strength development in his riders.

Personable pony: End of ride nickers and guzzling volunteer water bottles show his engaging personality. Bailey seems to have a lot to say, especially for the first person to enter the barn each day. His high-pitched whinny announces to the herd that their caretaker friends have arrived.



Hocus Pokus

Stats: 1997 Paint Pony gelding, owned by GMTRC, gift of the Ziehmer family

Special talent: Hunter-jumper. Once a handsome winner in the show ring, Wiz now prefers his new job where all four hooves remain on the ground

Program strength: A patient teacher of off-lead steering. His unusual side-to-side movement offers a better core stability and balance challenge than any gym.

Pony Pal: Wiz keeps his silly Paddock C buddies, Rascal and Hobbit, in line!



I’m a Little Zan Peppy

Stats: 2003 Quarter Horse gelding, owned by GMTRC, gift of the Clarkin family

Special talent: Penchant for pedicures. Peppy’s favorite teammate is our farrier!

Program strengths: Keeping in step despite his pep. GMTRC’s students and horse leaders love the special partnership that develops with Peppy. He intuitively tunes into his rider and team with every riding lesson and is a ready choice in unmounted clinics.

Mr. Popularity: Peppy’s versatility makes him an appropriate mount for many of Greystone Manor TRC’s participants.



Canadian Gold

Stats: 1993 Palomino gelding, owned by Joy Redmon

Special talent: Leader. Likes to be first out, first in, and first in line! Once a leader in the Canadian hunter-jumper show ring too.

Program strength: A steady teacher for students learning to trot. Neptune shows great tolerance with his riders, which we think comes from his previous owner’s fun attitude. One Halloween they dressed up as a school bus and student!

False grumpy persona: Neptune’s natural relaxed look appears grumpy, but don’t let this sweetheart fool you.



New Millenium Nando

Stats: 2004 Haflinger gelding, owned by the Ludwig family

Special talent: Magic tricks. Escaping his stall, opening his window, and making his lead line or reins disappear (in his mouth!). Curious and smart, Nando loves to explore everything.

Program strength: Nando has “been there, done that!” 4-H showing, jumping, dressage, driving, parades, and beach riding highlight his past experiences. At Greystone Manor TRC, Nando patiently encourages independent steering at the walk as well as the basics of trot. He teaches his people about patience too.

Funny memory: The first day he wore a grazing muzzle, Nando looked like Pooh with a honeypot stuck on his nose. No escaping this trick until winter!




Stats: 1998 Quarter Horse mare, owned by Teddy and Craig Adams

Special talent: Bombproof. Cats leaping through bushes in a single bound? Horse Show signs toppling in the wind? Passing mowers on outdoor rides? Not a twitch or worry for our newest program horse.

Program strength: Collection of gaits. Prior low level dressage training taught Lucy to carry herself and her riders smoothly at the walk and trot.

Snuggler: Lucy loves hugs and attention! Maybe she misses Ricky and Ethel? We all Love Lucy for the way her tongue sticks out to the left while concentrating on her rider’s work.



Slidin’ Brickette

Stats: 1990 Paint/Quarter Horse mare, owned by GMTRC, gift of the estate of Terry Ressler

Special Talent: Spins and sliding stops. They might be a bit slower these days, but this gal’s Champion Western Reining days remain on the record books!

Program strengths: Cassie’s impeccable ground manners make her our go-to-girl for mounting riders with our Sure Hands Lift. Cassie is unique even among therapeutic riding horses in that she forms a one-of–a-kind, horse-human bond with each of her riders.

Beauty and grace: Notice her one blue eye and swingy runway walk. She’s a beauty in her coat of black, brown and white! Cassie’s gentle spirit is her most charming quality. This pretty mare will surely be “Slidin’” right into your heart!



Sir Sampson

Stats: 2002 Percheron/Quarter Horse gelding, owned by GMTRC, gift of Matthew Redclift and Sylvia Cueto

Special talent: Tall orders and heavy lifting. At 16hh and 1,300 lbs., Sam carries many of our adult riders with ease.

Program Strengths: This soft-eyed, gentle giant instills confidence in participants who learn quickly that a horse of his size will quietly follow their lead. Sam likes his human and horse friends so much that he’s been known to stop and wait for a horse and rider who are working in a different lesson!

Favorite game? Groom seemingly all-black Sam and see if you can find his four tiny white spots!

Little Lacy


Stats: 21 –year-old Welsh Pony and Cobb palomino mare owned by Heidi Courneya of Fredericksburg, PA. 

Background: After being ridden and adored by Heidi’s daughter for many years, Lacey carried children’s hunter students in North Carolina. In 2016 she returned to Pennsylvania where a friend suggested GMTRC and Heidi connect to offer this cute pony a new job.  

Energetic Pony: Lacey beautifully matches her energy to her volunteer leaders. Everyone agrees, “It’s so easy to fall in love”, with Lacey


Stats: 25+ year old chestnut Warmblood gelding owned by Bridge Acres Stables in Lancaster, PA.   

Special Talent: After a long career of cantering to jumps with young riders astride, Radar is enjoying keeping all four feet on the ground at GMTRC!

Program Strength: His clear front to back movement provides lovely input for our riders’ core muscles, and his big trot creates the perfect learning place for students to catch the rhythm of posting.


Hobo’s Bar Last Call

Stats: 2002 Paint mare, owned by Georgia and Ray Becker

Special talent: Trail riding. This lovely mare adores the great outdoors.

Program strengths: A history in Western and English riding makes Lily a nice choice for students who steer best with one hand. Her size and smooth movement make her a suitable mount for a wide variety of students. Early desensitization work with Lily brought out her playful side. She tried to play kickball with our instructors!

Fanciful Flirt: Lily loves the geldings in her herd as much as she loves her human friends.

Retired but Never Forgotten


Clarewood’s Private First Class

Stats: 1990 Welsh Pony gelding, owned by GMTRC, gift of the High family

Special talent: Dressing up everyday as “Pig Pen”! It isn’t easy being white.

Program Strength: Carefully carrying our tiniest riders as they learn to be independent in the saddle.

International Man of Mystery: Guess who thinks he’s 17 hands tall rather than a pony?


1976 Highland Draft Cross gelding

1985 Quarter Horse mare

1991 Quarter Horse gelding



Cedarmark Rascal

Stats: 1996 Welsh Pony gelding, owned by GMTRC, gift from the Ephrata Area Young Farmers

Special talent: Fanciful forelegs. Rascal’s fancy movement in all three gaits shows his fine breeding and showmanship.

Program strength: Energetically carrying Greystone Manor TRC’s child-sized riders

Living up to his name: Sassy Lil’ Rascal has been known to flap his lips at his caretakers to share his opinion, especially regarding his distaste for muzzles!

Always fun loving, endearing Rascal engages in games of catch and soccer with his volunteers and students.


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