Greystone Manor TRC’s team is honored to serve the community and our riders. Here is your chance to get to know them better.

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Barn Assistant (PHOTO Coming Soon!)

Year started at GMTRC: Started in March of 2017

Other employment information: only job, while going for Masters

Where did you grow up (city/state):  Lancaster County PA

Education: Bachelors in Childhood Psychology.  Currently going for masters in Counseling.

Name of horse(s) you currently own: 23-year-old appendix quarter horse mare named Pretty.  16-year-old Arabian named Zip

Explain in detail what you like best about working at Greystone? Everything

A few interesting facts about yourself: Been on the back of a horse since 2 weeks of age.  Grew up competing in Rodeo.  Went to college on a Rodeo scholarship.  Has competed in Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

Family: Newlywed

KarenLead Instructor

Certification: PA Council of Therapeutic Horsemanship – PQI earned 2010, PRI

Number of years instructing at GMTRC:  about 7 years (the first two as instructor in training)

Year started at GMTRC: 2000

Other employment information: 19 years owner/operator of Day care service business in my home, 5 years Paraeducator for LLIU-13,

Where did you grow up: Lancaster County

Education: AAS Special Education, Paraeducator from Reading Area Community College, 2012  &  AAS Physical Therapy Assistant from Central Penn College, 2014

Name of horse you own: Super Duper Pine Dash, called Pine Dash

What do you like best about teaching at Greystone: I love that my job is to help others discover what is possible. Some come to us feeling there is not much they can do. Riding will be like a pony ride. Watching these folks explore their boundaries and stretch their abilities is awesome.

A few interesting facts about yourself: I didn’t begin riding until I was in my early thirties,

Family: Husband Pat Zug (married 29 years), daughters: Tanya, Tabitha, sons: Jacob, Devin, Granddaughters: Marina, Jasmynn, Aaliyah Jeanne, granddaughter number four due November 20, 2015.

SandiAdministrative Services / Bookkeeper

Year started at GMTRC: 2008

Other employment information: I have a background in bookkeeping, residential and commercial real estate administration, mortgage loan processor, and church secretary.

Where did you grow up (city/state): Upstate New York

Education: High School, majored in business and art

What do you like best about working at Greystone? I truly enjoy talking with families to assist them with their forms and payment questions. When opportunities allow me to visit with families during the lessons, I am humbled as I watch riders learn skills on horseback. Watching our instructors teach is amazing! The passion and commitment from our instructors motivates me to do the best I can.

A few interesting facts about yourself: Canadian and Indian heritage. I love the mountains and the smell of pine trees. Growing up near the Adirondacks, I have fond memories with family camping, fishing, and enjoying mountain air. My best teacher was my mother .

Family: Married to my loving husband since 1983; my awesome, animal loving daughter and 2 very cuddly cats.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach Coordinator

Year started at GMTRC: 2011. I started as the Volunteer Coordinator, left for a few months to focus on college, and returned to the outreach position!

Other employment information: Training & HR Manager at Sylvin Technologies, Denver Pa

Where did you grow up (city/state): Quarryville, Pa

Education: AA Business Administration, BS Organizational Leadership, MS Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Favorite Greystone Horse: I love Peppy!!! He is such a cool guy, handsome horse, and his “zanny” personality makes me love him more.

What do you like best about working at Greystone? I enjoy the unique stories of our riders and the joy they bring to the barn. Their smiles are infectious and their determination is inspiring. I have been emotionally moved by the progress of our riders. They are simply amazing and I am honored to work with the program!!

A few interesting facts about yourself: My husband and I perform medical mission work in Kenya and Zambia. We have three spoiled cats and a corn snake for pets. My favorite color is purple and my favorite food is hard or soft shelled crabs.

Family: My husband, Dennis and my step-daughter, Nicole. I also have an extended family in Kenya, daughters Precious and Blessing.

Volunteer Coordinator (PHOTO Coming Soon!)

Year started at Greystone: 2017

Other employment information: I am also the assistant program coordinator at Leadership York for Future Leaders of York and Leadership Training Program.

Where did you grow up: I am from York but grew up in Forks, Wa

Favorite Greystone Horse: I don’t have a favorite horse yet I’m getting to know all of the horses and their personalities.

A few interesting facts about yourself: I am married and have a 2-year-old son. I’ve lived in PA for 8.5 years. I’m an avid knitter and teach classes at my local yarn shops.



Instructor certification and date earned: PATH/ Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, Intl. -Registered Instructor 1/1/2013

Total number of years instructing therapeutic riding: 3

Year Started at GMTRC:  I began volunteering for horse-prep, side-walking, and as a horse leader in 2010, when Karen Weber-Zug was our volunteer coordinator!

Other employment information:  My work history is in marketing and communications in the travel and (ancient) technology industries, as well as with other non-profit organizations.   I am currently an emergency substitute teacher and tutoring aide for Hempfield School District. Most of this work is in the middle school resource, emotional support, gifted, and physical education classrooms.

Education: BA, Miami of Ohio University, Oxford, OH

Where did you grow up?  My childhood home is Indianapolis, IN

Name of horse you currently ride and own:  Jewel, my dapple grey AQHA mare, was a 50th birthday present to myself.  I rode and trained her with Claudia Patrick at Killdeer Farm in Mt. Joy for five years. I no longer have Jewel, so I currently ride Nosy, an athletic Arab/QH, in weekly dressage lessons at Crescendo Training Centre.  At GMTRC, Bailey and Lucy are my regular schooling buddies.  Riding different horses on a regular basis has made me a better rider!

What do you like best about teaching therapeutic riding at GMTRC:  Our students, of course!  But also how staff knowledge and careful preparation lead to the celebration of deepening relationships, skill development, increasing independence, and goals achieved. Therapeutic riding requires teamwork. Riders, parents, caregivers, horses, volunteers, staff, our Board of Directors, our financial supporters, The Worship Center, and professional organizations all help us to maintain the highest standards for our program. The dedication of everyone involved with GMTRC amazes me.

A few interesting facts about yourself:  I have lived in IN (3x), OH, CT, TN, IL, and PA, and traveled the world for work.  These experiences taught me to trust God, work hard, and to be open to new people, experiences and opportunities. When not at a horse barn, I can be found hiking, biking or running the local trails with friends, family, or our golden retriever, Megan. I also enjoy tennis, kayaking, and competing with family or friends in anything, for the fun of it!

Family:  My husband Mark and I have three terrific adult children, who all are recent PSU grads. Our extended family lives in CO, TX, GA, IN, MS, VA, and PA, so we have lots of fun places to visit!


Year started at GMTRC: 1993

Certifications: PATH 12/2015, PQ1 1999, Centered Riding Level 1 2002, Level II 2009

Other Therapeutic riding experience- Reins of Life in Glenmoore, PA

Years instructing therapeutic riding: 26 + years

Other employment information: Recreation Therapist at Coatesville VAMC

Where did you grow up (city/state): Addison, VT

Education: BS Houghton College

Name of horse(s) you currently own or favorite Greystone Horse: Own Jax (22 years old) and ride Samson and Cassie for training

What do you like best about working at Greystone? I enjoy seeing riders progress and meet goals.

A few interesting facts about yourself: I started riding at 5 years old. Rode saddleseat in high school showing Morgans locally, also drove horses, rode Western and jumped. I enjoy dressage the most, now.

Lee AnnInstructor

Year started at GMTRC: 1994

Certifications: PQI 2000 and PRI 2012

Years instructing therapeutic riding: 18 + years

Other employment information: I have been working full time at Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories since 1990, just up the road from the barn.

Where did you grow up (city/state): Lancaster, PA

Education: Graduated from Manheim Township High School and attended 2 semesters at Millersville University.

Name of horse(s) you currently own or favorite Greystone Horse: I never owned my own but have been lucky enough to be able to ride and take care of other folks’ horses since I was 16. I’m partial to the gentle giants so Sam is a handsome guy but I love them all!

What do you like best about working at Greystone? I love to see the smiles on everyone’s faces and to work as a team to help a rider achieve their goals. I like to have fun and challenge our riders at the same time. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we set our minds to something. And the horses… since I don’t have as much time to ride as I use to, it’s wonderful and healing just being around them.

A few interesting facts about yourself: I have been on two vacations that included horseback riding for a week in a foreign country – Spain in late September 2001 and Italy in early October 2005. I was the treasurer for this program from 1997 to 1999, when it was still know as Lancaster County Therapeutic Riding.

Family: Married to Dave since February 1995. I am a mom to Josh since July 2002 and Caleb since July 2004, and Daisy has been a part of our family since adopting her in May 2013. She’s an Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix and her birthday is October 31st. She loves to run and play ball with the boys in the backyard and curl up on our sofa and relax. The animals in our lives have it rough – don’t they?



Year started at GMTRC: 1999

Certifications: PACTH, 2006   PATH, 2011, Centered Riding Level 1 2008-2013, current member

Other Therapeutic riding experience- Eagle Mount in Bozeman, MT – started in 2011

Years instructing therapeutic riding: 11 + years

Other employment information: Taught in the School District of Lancaster

Where did you grow up (city/state): Lititz, Pa

Education: Misericordia University – MS from Millersville University in Elementary Education

Name of horse(s) you currently own or favorite Greystone Horse: Dually – 10 year old quarter horse. I also keep in touch with my previous horse Wrangler that I owned for 10 years.

What do you like best about working at Greystone? I like to work with people and horses in a safe and supportive environment the GMTRC provides. I enjoy the team dynamics or rider, horse, volunteers, and instructor working together and the benefits experienced by all members. It is truly rewarding to see the progress in our riders as they master a wide variety of skills and form bonds with their horse and team.

A few interesting facts about yourself: My husband and I built a house in Montana in 2010. We spend our time in both PA and MT where I am fortunate to be involved in great therapeutic riding centers in both states.

Family: Married to Ted Draude, three sons – Jeremy, Ezra (married to Jenn), and Jesse (married to Sarah). Two cats – Bodie and Livingston, and one horse Dually.


Year started at GMTRC: 2016

Certifications: PATH International Registered Level Instructor, August 2015

Other Therapeutic riding experience: Chesapeake Therapeutic Riding (CTR), Volunteered 5 Years; Completed PATH International Equine Services for Heroes Course

Years instructing therapeutic riding: 1.5

Other employment information: Safe Harbors Business Travel, LLC

Where did you grow up (city/state): I currently live in Bel Air, Maryland but I have also lived in other states such as Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Ohio.

Education: Dickinson College, B.A. International Business & Management, 2014

Name of horse(s) you currently own or favorite Greystone Horse: At Greystone, I enjoy working with Neptune and Hobbit, though all of our equines are unique!

What do you like best about working at Greystone? I love seeing students succeed and work toward their goals with their equine partner.  The lessons that horses teach us can be applied both inside and outside the arena in many areas of our lives, which is why the field of therapeutic riding is so captivating. I am impressed by the Greystone Manor facility and program, the dedicated staff and volunteers, and the variety of horses available to meet differing client needs.

A few interesting facts about yourself: While at Dickinson, I rode on the Equestrian Team that participated in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. When I pursued my PATH Instructor Certification, I received a scholarship through the EQUUS Foundation that funded my certification. I am also a vegetarian and have been one since I was 8 years old!

Family: My parents live in Bel Air, Maryland, and my sister lives in Columbia, South Carolina. My sister is also an equestrian and adopted a retired racehorse that she is retraining for dressage and jumping.


Year started at GMTRC: Spring of 2014

Certifications: PATH Int’l Registered Instructor – Jan 2014

Other Therapeutic riding experience- Green Chimneys school in Brewster, NY for 9 months

Years instructing therapeutic riding: 1.5 + years

Other employment information: Work at York Hospital

Where did you grow up (city/state): Bernville, Pa

Education: Misericordia University – MS in Occupational Therapy

Horse you own or favorite Greystone horse: My family owns Dee & Monty. My favorite Greystone horse is Neptune

What do you like best about working at Greystone? To me, therapeutic riding is about serving riders by sharing the job of horses, and helping them learn valuable life skills along the way – confidence, planning, problem solving, attention, balance, etc. I enjoy seeing riders learn new skills, progress towards goals, strengthen their bond with their horse, and walk out of the barn wearing a huge grin!

A few interesting facts about yourself: My favorite color is purple, my favorite food is ice cream, and my favorite season is summer.

Family: My parents and younger sister live outside Reading, PA.  


Assistant Volunteer Coordinator (PHOTO Coming Soon!)

Year started at GMTRC: January 2007

Other employment information: Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery – Retail & Tour Guide

Where did you grow up (city/state): Sidney, NY

Education: BS Psychobiology

Name of horse(s) you currently own or favorite Greystone Horse: the only horse I ever owned was a huge, black rocking horse with bright yellow saddle and bridle!! It’s difficult to pick just one favorite Greystone Horse. They all have unique personalities. I guess Peppy and Lily would be at the top of my list.

Explain in detail what you like best about working at Greystone? I enjoy every aspect of GMTRC program from mucking stalls to seeing the smiles on our riders faces.

Family: Live in Lititz with my husband Jeff. Have 2 children (Chris and Jen). 4 grandchildren (Anthony, Luke, Julianna & James). My other passion is music. I have been a professional handbell artist for 30 years.

TroyVolunteers Facility Maintenance, and many other areas

Year started at GMTRC: 2007

Other employment information: Triangle Communications, New Holland

Where did you grow up:  Willow Street, PA

Education: Lancaster Mennonite High School and York Technical 2 years Electronics degree

What do you like best about working at GMTRC: Something different than I do all day at work, good old physical labor and learning new stuff… and hanging out with the horses isn’t a bad job.

A few interesting facts about yourself: I walked in not ever having the experience of seeing a horse up close but wanted to try something new. It seemed interesting, and wasn’t fun and games every day. It was worth learning and moving “up the ladder”.

Family: I have 2 brothers and I’m the oldest.

TerriBarn & Horse Assistant, Horse Leader

Year started at GMTRC: 2003

Other employment information: I worked at Murray Securus, an insurance agency. Now, I work at Beneficial Insurance Services LLC.

Where did you grow up (city/state): Brownstown, PA

Education: Conestoga Valley High School

Name of horse(s) you currently own or favorite Greystone Horse: I own the Queen of the Palace – AKA Lacey

What do you like best about working at Greystone? There are so many things about GMTRC but my most favorite thing is walking in first thing in the morning, turning on the lights and being greeted by all the whinnies from the horses which are so happy to se you but it’s so they can be fed! It is the smiles and excitement from our riders as they face their own individual goals and see them work so hard with the help of their favorite horse or pony and team to reach that goal.

A few interesting facts about yourself: If not at the barn over the summer, you will find me at the beach swimming in the ocean or reading a book. I love to ride my mountain bike on trails, taking Dakota (my chow) for walks or rides in my car and just hanging out with friends. My favorite color is purple (bet that is a big surprise).

Family: I have a younger brother Lonnie and my mom Sarah and dad Gene live in Brownstown.

Barn ManagerLisa

Year started at GMTRC: 2003

Name of horses you own: 16 year quarter horse Panas Stepabead (Pana)

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